I take it for granted in assuming post-game Tifa takes Cloud on girls' night out every so often

#FF7 #FFVII #CloudStrife #TifaLockheart

#fanart #mastoart #creativetoots

Running again, and I gotta tell ya, remember to stretch after omg

Been a while. Had a bunch of family changing stuff. Been tough but doing better. Hi all

Haven't listened to radio head intentionally in years I dunno what that means for me

10 minutes of duck game is more video game fun than i've had in months

count zero spoilers 

finished count zero again and it really bothers me that jackie gets killed off at the end for no reason

literally no reason

Did you know `ncdu`? I'm using this for years to find out where all my precious disk space is lost. Unlike other solutions it works in a terminal and this way even on remote servers… or gorram mobile phones always short on anything.

Literally had to sledge hammer 3 inches of snow from the sidewalk yesterday. Well I mostly scraped.

Anyway ice to meet you

Russian doll is the first Netflix show I binged all the way through in one sitting

really into apricots and ovaltine lately so i guess im just 78 now

Those moments where you see yourself in third person swiping to refresh feeds for small brain stimulant release over and over and you think


That's me

Maybe I should stop and sleep now

Anyway goodnight y'all

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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