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looking for other lovers as well as independent musicians because my main goal for 2021 is to support more artists on Bandcamp and the like. I have a soft spot for indie rock and for electronic with vocals, a la Daft Punk and LCD Soundstystem, but I'll try out basically any genre.

Hit me up!

Good milestone on, always working to increase it though!

Last Boost: Ok reminder to self to look into this

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Was thinking about the fact that I might not pay for #Spotify if not for Spotifyd. If they ever block the GPL powered server I will stop paying.

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I did travel over 100 miles to take pictures of a kingfisher in the past... without luck. Yesterday I took a walk... and photos...

on repeat atm: Starman by David Bowie, idk it's just hitting me right lately.

"No Cars Go" by Arcade Fire is so goddamn good. Especially when the strings kick in.

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I really don't know what Thom Yorke is saying in his songs 90% of the time but they still go hard and that's what's important.

lyrics, shitpost 

~I just want~
~Four walls and~
~Adobe slats for my girls~

super obsessed with "My Girls" by Animal Collective lately

It's been months and I am still beyond obsessed with this song

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Want a more complex, but way cooler (and probably easier to use) Theramin?

Try the Ondes Martenot! And then have people start assuming you're really in to Radiohead

Listening to Arcade Fire and losing my shit, as one does

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