Really been tempted by Nintendo Switch lately. I keep talking myself into and out of it lol.

Got a bunch of free swag at work today. Shirt, water bottle, pedometer, headphones, and free lunch. πŸ‘

I honestly didn't know he was still playing baseball. I remember him being really big when I was a kid. Good for him though.

Thought my car was being a little slow to start, then saw that it's - 26 degrees. Allllllrighty then.

Shoutout to the guy who passed me and then got stuck at the exact same red light πŸ€”

I want to thank the people who still have their Christmas lights up (and on) in February for making my morning drive more interesting. πŸ‘

Lawful Neutral Milk Hotel
True Neutral Milk Hotel
Chaotic Neutral Milk Hotel

Arcade Fire: I WOKE UP TO THE POWER OUT, IT'S NOT REALLY SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT [proceeds to shout about it for five minutes]

I am a serious scientist and I'm currently running an experiment to see if the Rockstar Pure Zero is what is giving me a face rash.

Finally removing a song that you never really listened to anyway from a playlist like "it's the end of an era 😩"

I accidentally bought a regular Dr Pepper instead of diet, and proceeded to drink it anyway because I didn't want to waste it... And I'm already feeling the sugar overdose 😣

Also whoops, I'm probably going to have a bad hangover tomorrow.

Ah yes time for the fireworks to start and go off all night. I don't work tomorrow though, so it's all good. πŸ‘

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