I caved and got a Switch recently and so far I'm really enjoying it. I love the NES and SNES games you get with a Nintendo subscription too. I'm just hoping they eventually add Super Mario RPG and a couple of my other favorites.

Reinstalled Minecraft for the first time in years!

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so glad that lesbians got the first space crime

even if the crime itself kinda sucks

I got a new follower on here and got excited but turns out it was a porn account, so...

I'm looking for more people to follow by the way! I mostly lurk but also I talk about magical girls and video games, sometimes. Also I'm gay.

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ah yes PDF files

Don't even think about editing this
Fuck you

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Audiobooks are proving really good for keeping me entertained on really long work days.

*Taylor Swift voice* I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 102

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*slaps roof of new bed* this bad boy can fit so many stuffed animals on it

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it's me I'm a gay using windmills to waft homosexual mists into your home

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