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Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


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Feel free to boost this because I just discovered it and, since it's crowd-sourced, the more people know the better.

I knew about the DoesTheDogDie website a while ago which just gives you a Yes or No if a dog dies in a game or movie etc. But they now have WAY more sections like if the subject contains misgendering doesthedogdie.com/is-someone-m and other emotionally compromising issues. The full list of issues is here doesthedogdie.com/categories/

I think Duolingo had my favorite April Fool's joke this year. Second place goes to Spotify turning Discover Weekly into Disco Cover Weekly (which was a surprisingly good playlist btw)

Right? I heard they're making new models too, including one for mostly handheld play that's supposed to be a little cheaper

Really been tempted by Nintendo Switch lately. I keep talking myself into and out of it lol.

Got a bunch of free swag at work today. Shirt, water bottle, pedometer, headphones, and free lunch. 👍

I honestly didn't know he was still playing baseball. I remember him being really big when I was a kid. Good for him though.

Thought my car was being a little slow to start, then saw that it's - 26 degrees. Allllllrighty then.


Maybe, but then I saw him pull into his stop immediately after that one light, lol.



I feel like I've made a handful of good friends on Twitter and Tumblr but that came from following each other and chatting for literal years... For the most part, with social media, it's just finding interesting acquaintances

Shoutout to the guy who passed me and then got stuck at the exact same red light 🤔

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