@sepho Welcome!
I assume I pulled you from EoFF - can I ask what your name is there, just to avoid me awkwardly assuming, and then being totally wrong?

Let me know if you need any help figuring this out, or looking for people to follow. The local timeline here isn't terribly busy, but you can check out the Federated timeline to see what's all passing through this instance, which I find is a pretty great way to find new people to follow.

Stu <3

Same name on the forums, though naturally I don't use it anymore :monster:

I've been lurking the eoff discord after finding IRC a barren wasteland, but found different people there than I was looking for (though still lovely). I was checking the forums hoping to catch sight of anyone I used to know when I saw your thread.

All social media confuses me 'cause I haven't used a platform that wouldn't now crumble into dust if exposed to direct sunlight but I'll figure it out.

@sepho lol, awesome! Yeah I've been tempted to check out the Discord, but I'm just so anti-walled-gardens that I can't bring myself to do it..

I'll be honest, I think I fried the parts of my brain from when we were on IRC together... I absolutely remember your name now but everything else from that time frame is fuzzy. Not sure if the mention from @rubah made it into your notifications but she's on the fediverse as well!


@shoeberto @rubah

I know what you mean. It's not ideal and it's a choice of convenience but I decided I wanted to be part of the world again after a few years of kind of sort of not, and I went where the people are. I don't like that I can't read the source, but on the ux alone it's an upgrade over IRC and Skype in both of these niches for me.

It's fuzzy for me too. In my head it's "all those people I used to talk to in IRC" but naming names is more difficult.

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