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Hey peeps, I'm Stu and I run It's a small instance where I constantly try to cajole old internet friends into joining, but it's also open to anyone looking for a home online.

I post mostly about my pets, music, game development, and home improvement. And also usually links to weird shit.

The cat of wisdom has many answers. But does the seeker know the correct question?

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We go now LIVE to the dogs to get their take on the recent winter weather:

The dog is still here. She's just next to me on the couch this time.

Looking through my pictures from a little over a year ago and tried to recreate this one. Big oof.

tfw it's a grey PA snow outside but Animal Collective pops up to remind you it will be summer again someday

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case: irc
molly: twitter
armitage: facebook
linda: myspace
peter: 4chan
3jane: instagram
the finn: stackoverflow
dixie flatline: archive . org
wintermute: linkedin

when I install xfce but a few of my window decorations aren't saving across reboots

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