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The universe is packed full with all manner of hoodwinks and ne'er-do-wells. Enjoy either a good conversation or good meal whenever you can. Hard to tell when the next one will show up.

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When I turned 70, I thought, “Well, that’s it. I’ve had a great career, but it’s winding down.”
Boy, was I wrong. I found social media, and then a second wind at my sails in my 70s! I made my Broadway debut at 78, and I’ll make my London debut at 85.
Life is truly wonderful and magical.

If you’re in London, come see me in Allegiance starting in January. Tix here:

@mjf_pro @Lady_Star_Gem Nope, disrupting Twitter was a tactical triumph for conservatives. Twitter had long been a tool of community, organization, education and information for marginalized communities. Helped Biden get 82 million votes. Disrupting Twitter is the modern techie bombing of the Black church or opening fire in a gay club. Or burning down Black Wall Street in Tulsa. Disrupting marginalized spaces is terrorism 101 for Christian nationalist white supremacists.

Elon Musk is now LITERALLY welcoming the Neo Nazis from The Daily Stormer back on Twitter who threatened to kill me. I sued these Neo Nazis in court and won $4.1 million dollars in damages (on paper.) Musk is a scumbag to allow these people on Twitter.

This SNL cartoon from 1998 was aired only once ever, wonder why...

The next time you feel lazy, remember that laziness is a Puritanical myth based on the sin of idleness

Americans on the internet on Thanksgiving day might be low key my favorite event of the year.

It's just millions of interactions taking the forms of "eating some pie", "just ate some pie", "thinking about that pie" and getting responses like "me too" and "same, same"

It might be the only wholesome collective activity we have still in 2022 and I treasure it!!!!

you are doing great today. i am rooting for you!

"We are deeply embarrassed" said the marketing director at Dice to me after I pointed out the many weirdnesses of this billboard as shown on the 101 near SFO in 2012.

Got laid off today! Whoo!

EDIT: Info in reply.

If anyone knows of a place looking for a remote front-end web dev (#react #reactjs #javascript #html #css), Unity dev (#unity #unity3D #csharp #gamedev #indiedev #dotnet), Game designer (#gamedesign #leveldesign #gameplay #gameplaydesign), Stream producer (#obs #obsstudio #twitch #streaming #ttrpg #ttrpghive), or Generalist programmer, hit me up!

Shoot any recs my way!

Also if you could boost this, that would be very appreciated!

Thanks 🙃

CISA is as close to being a federal law enforcement agency as the Library of Congress is.

Like... calls of ACAB, or "They're the Feds!!!"... do y'all know what CISA does?

They study cyber/hacking attacks on the US (and elsewhere) and disseminate that info out.

The most controversial thing they've done so far is to call out then President Donald Trump bullshit about the election being stolen (which was disinformation, an intentional lie). The first director was fired by tweet from Trump because of it.

Y'all do what you want to do. And I firmly believe official government Mastodon instances should be created to house official government Mastodon accounts... but I'd argue at least be accurate in your defederations.

Like, if you don't want ANY US govt accounts, cool. But why pick CISA in particular? What about Department of Transportation?

Also... you can just block the individual account. Blocking one of the largest Mastodon instances -one of the core places that is analyzing and contributing to secure coding of Mastodon so y'all don't get hacked into- for a couple of accounts (even for purposes for "making an example of") is like burning down a house to get rid of a spider.

Anyhow, y'all do you all.

Seven things all kids need to hear.
1. I love you.
2. I’m proud of you.
3. I forgive you.
4. I’m sorry.
5. I'm listening. 
6. Experts recommend the 3-2-1 rule for backups: three copies of your data, two local (on different devices) and one off-site.
7. You've got what it takes.

Hey, followers on

this instance will be defederating from yours in about a day, for reasons I'm sure you have already heard about.

You might want to follow me as @mwl instead.

the best genuine advice i can give to fedi newcomers is to let your inner chaos goblin flourish, just let it all out, and keep kindness and whimsy alive in your heart

When introducing your wizards it’s recommended to do so slowly, gradually. Let your new wizard get used to the smell of your old wizard through a closed door.

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