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Hey peeps, I'm Stu and I run It's a small instance where I constantly try to cajole old internet friends into joining, but it's also open to anyone looking for a home online.

I post mostly about my pets, music, game development, and home improvement. And also usually links to weird shit.

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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British lawmakers: the right honorable gentleman from Swansbury-upon-Chuffton has insulted this chamber by vigorously shaking the shadow chancellor’s ceremonial tea spoon. Poor show.

American lawmakers: *machine gun fire*

Went to text "I get it"

phone wanted to autocorrect the first part to "I gay"

backspace, type "I get", and phone suggested the sentence "I get gay"

My phone's been hanging around Mastodon too long

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I don't have a political point to make here; I don't care about your affiliation, your party, or your vote; here's the only thing that matters this week for a huge number of Americans:

December 15 is the cut-off to register for health care at

Pass it on.

My wife was home this weekend, so we decorated!

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In other news, you can apparently install Steam Link on a Raspberry Pi now (although it's still in beta) #gaming

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A professor I know left me a $50 gift card for Trader Joe's because 'I've been a grad student before.' I'm not crying, you're crying

Big mood.
(talking to strangers online is the best decision I ever made
reality is lemons and the internet's my lemonade)

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MST3K is just the best darn thing.

I never was able to catch it in broadcast as a kid. Getting to watch it every night on Netflix makes my inner 10-year-old extremely happy.

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TIL you can just copy remote custom emojis :partyparrot:

Also just because :monster:

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It me.
(I did listen to a shit load of TMBG this year. Why did I not listen to them sooner???)

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