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Hey peeps, I'm Stu and I run It's a small instance where I constantly try to cajole old internet friends into joining, but it's also open to anyone looking for a home online.

I post mostly about my pets, music, game development, and home improvement. And also usually links to weird shit.

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Having fun with BASIC-8 interpreter on the PDP-8/e at the Living Computers Museum in Seattle. Made a weird little landscape/flag generator.

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Lemmy Release v0.6.0 - Avatars, email notifications, and a lot more.

v0.6.0 is here, and we've closed 41 issues! This is the biggest release by far:

Another major announcement is that Lemmy now has another lead developer besides me, @felix Theyve created a better documentation system, implemented RSS feeds, simplified docker and project configs, upgraded actix, working on federation, a whole lot more.

#lemmy #activitypub #fediverse #reddit

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I'm letting gooooooo
(Hanging on like poison ivy)

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Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

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Heeeey. @leo set up a Masto instance.

Check it out if you're a TWiT.

God grant me the strength and conviction so that, when I'm 50 or 60 or whatever, I'm still dancing with my wife like this little old Asian couple at the restaurant tonight. God bless. 🙏

Epic new year in New York. Thank god for accessible public transit.

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This screenshot taken from an America On-Line tutorial VHS tape lists what I think are AOL forum boards (never used AOL myself) and I just realized the names are very #BBS worthy:

The Space Shuttle
Carrier Fortress at Sea
The Promised Land
The Know Zone

I half expect a phone number and a blurb about how much disk space they have right next to each name. :thinkhappy:

My brain is good at some things but bad at the important things. If you have a purpose built machine requiring logics for certain things, my brain would be a great fit. Will trade.

I have the bad brain, who wants to donate the good brain?

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Giant clock dropped off as a pile of parts, guy said its scrap. All the screws were there...Bad 5v power supply was only putting out 1.8v... i have a giant clock now i guess.

My coworker had a dog named Lazy that was probably not this lazy.

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