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Instance meta 

This is a pretty small instance that I set up for friends, but for me is mostly a gateway to keep in touch with friends elsewhere on the fedi, as well as to meet new folks.

Registration is generally open unless there's some bot fuckery going on.

There isn't really a "theme" here but I'm happy to welcome anyone who is good-natured. I sort of want this to be the next evolution of that message board where you used to just go to hang out.

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Hey peeps, I'm Stu and I run It's a small instance where I constantly try to cajole old internet friends into joining, but it's also open to anyone looking for a home online.

I post mostly about my pets, music, game development, and home improvement. And also usually links to weird shit.

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history of war 


Roaming Bands of Nicotine-Enhanced "Vape Dogs" Considered Significant Factor In US's Expedited Withdraw from Afghanistan

it's stupid and lame to paste a screenshot of your own chat messages to social media but I gotta know

can we connect bin Laden to a vaping dog?

C'mon fediverse let's crowdsource this

I don't have any real problems other than being entirely disillusioned with everything on this stupid planet.

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I'm so excited for all the new products that are coming out from DuckDuckGo!

- Desktop browser
- App tracker blocking
- E-mail privacy

Can't wait for people to try them out.

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Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

Follow-up: The fediverse is pretty ok. Particularly when you filter out the limited shameless self-promotion that happens.

It can be boring at times but that's preferable to the alternative.

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you can convert any file into a bitcoin using the linux program `shasum`

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The production is just worlds apart. Maybe it just speaks to Tyler, the Creator as a producer? I mean the guy is a mad genius. But I think also the standard has been raised in the past two decades also. Super interesting juxtaposition.

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To this, which was on an album that was - a hit I guess? Do we have hits in the post-streaming world? I don't know, but Tyler, the Creator is popular enough to have made a commercial for Coke, so he's gotta be:

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Listening to some DMX because of course, and there's lots of early 2000s nostalgia for me in that, but after going on a binge of modern hip hop recently (albums from the last ~5 years) it's crazy to me how much production has evolved. The edgiest of edgy beats from 2000 sound so basic now. No disrespect but I find it fascinating.

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What do you prefer to use?

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> See a post that says something I disagree with
> Write a long reply
> Sigh, discard post

Every time.
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