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The universe is packed full with all manner of hoodwinks and ne'er-do-wells. Enjoy either a good conversation or good meal whenever you can. Hard to tell when the next one will show up.

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Most of the heavy lifting is in docker-compose. The custom glue software is Python with websockets.

I'd like to do a proper write up about the whole gory process of getting to here, but if I haven't started it by now, who knows when I'll actually get around to it 🤷‍♂️

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Technical bits: It's Mopidy, hooked up to my personal Funkwhale instance, with some custom software to automatically enqueue tracks, which can be balanced based on arbitrary profiles that I define (artists/albums/playlists).

It also injects random interstitial clips that are just random funny things that me and my friends like.

For people with access to the mopidy backend, they can also add arbitrary youtube videos and control playback. I have plans to make this more open but it's early WIP.

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Been wanting to do a proper write up of this, but here's a project I've been banging on for the past months:

Coolzone (CZ) is a collaborative dynamic radio stream, though the collaborative bit is still pretty locked down.

This is the Maloja instance I'm using, if you want to see if the mix is your thing:

Icecast stream is directly accessible here:


Feeling better today.

Hoo boy though. Was feeling pretty deep in depression there for a while. Seems to be clearing up a bit.

I love Harry Potter. I'm a Slytherin. I'm also a Leo, which maybe makes me sound more like a Gryffindor, but I'm a Leo, Pisces rising, Capricorn moon. That's the most Slytherin shit I've ever heard: you're kind of stuck up, you have a bit of controlling dad energy, and also are very emotional...

Symptomatic covid day 3 

Sense of smell seems to be going away 😩😩😩

Symptomatic covid day 3 

I have never slept as much in a single day as I have today, holy shit.

I was able to get a paxlovid script at the ER yesterday, and started it today, so maybe tomorrow will be better. But if this is covid while triple vaxxed? God damn, no wonder so many people died.

Question for people who have taken Paxlovid 

How did you get a script for it? We found out our whole house is sick last night. It's a sunday so it's obviously tricky to get a hold of any offices, but we're getting a lot of "well you can try urgent care but they're stingy with scripts".

I'm willing to wait for my PCP office to open tomorrow but this seems harder to navigate than what they've been selling in the messaging (surprise surprise)

US news, not political 

also the fact that Satanic Verses was ever taken as an attempt at blasphemy rather than just relatively benign allegory is one of the more fucked up things in modern history.

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US news, not political 

Salman Rushdie being attacked is really fucking with me. I'm not a big reader of his work (only attempted Satanic Verses and honestly never finished it), but he seems like such a lovely human being if you ever watch him speak.


I can't believe the dems are actually doing things. Biden is doing things. I have not seen them have a single major accomplishment since the time I hit puberty (other than Obamacare which was still a shitty watered down compromise). I want to feel hope?

uspol, Ibram X. Kendi writes about Monkeypox

This monkeypox outbreak seems eerily familiar to the early days of COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS. Black and Brown people are the most infected, but the focus remains on White patients. Meanwhile, the outbreak is being weaponized to demonize a group of people. A thread

There are 7,510 confirmed cases of monkeypox as of Aug. 5, according to @CDCgov
data. According to data compiled in July, 64% of cases are in Black and Brown people, though they are just 32% of the U.S. population.

Still, studies of monkeypox focus on White men. In a recent @NEJM
study, 75% of the participants were White men. "We don’t know how this is showing up in Black and brown communities," explained @DorcasAdedoja_
, as "we don’t have much data

This focus on White patients is happening globally. “If we don’t draw the attention of the world for this, a lot of the solutions will address the problem in Europe, but not in Africa," said Dr. @Dimostic
, a Nigerian infectious-disease physician.

People in Africa will likely be given the short stick when it comes to vaccinations for monkeypox, as they have been with COVID-19 vaccinations. As of July, only about 20% of Africans have received the COVID vaccine, according to the @WHO.

What’s more, homophobic propagandists are spreading misinformation that monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease. But a study in @NEJM
found "no clear evidence of sexual transmission through seminal or vaginal fluids."

“Monkeypox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin-to-skin contact,” @CDCgov
states. “A pregnant person can spread the virus to their fetus through the placenta. It’s also possible for people to get monkeypox from infected animals.”

(1/2 for copy of thread from twitter)

The Ultima Online server is up! :O

If you want to play, you'll need a client (I'm using ), and you'll need to download the official UO files, which you can get from . Both run under WINE if you're on Linux.

The server IP is port 2593 , and if you use the link above for downloading the official UO files, the client version will be which you'll need in the profile in ClassicUO .


Deus Ex was a documentary sent to us from the future, the graphics and gameplay only feel archaic because our un-evolved brains can't perceive the futuristic hyper-reality encoded within.

Lotta folks been working their asses off on this, so I'm stoked to see it finally announced publicly!
"More Privacy and Transparency for DuckDuckGo Web Tracking Protections"

Ok, this is very exciting for me - the idea of mega-corporate employees starting a #FOSS project on principle... and then *leaving* the corporate to foster the community because the community's interests were no long aligned with the corporate's. We need a LOT more of this.

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