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This is a pretty small instance that I set up for friends, but for me is mostly a gateway to keep in touch with friends elsewhere on the fedi, as well as to meet new folks.

Registration is generally open unless there's some bot fuckery going on.

There isn't really a "theme" here but I'm happy to welcome anyone who is good-natured. I sort of want this to be the next evolution of that message board where you used to just go to hang out.

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Instance meta 

As far as my admin chops go, I've got about 10 years of web dev experience, and am pretty familiar with modern cloud stacks. I try to keep Mastodon relatively up-to-date, and make sure to do regular off-site backups of the database. I also proactively domain block instances that are known to be harassing or hateful.

Other than that I'm pretty hands-off. Straylight is just another gateway to the fedi, and I'm happy to have you here!

Instance meta 

@krzyzis lol nah, I just went through my Masto upgrade process yesterday and thought I should write something up. Thinking about taking another run at pulling some EoFFers over though.

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