I was just at the hardware store, picking up an OTA antenna because I have no clue where my old one is. I walked in the store with a lady maybe in her 40s, and we coincidentally went into the same aisle (helped by employees), and checked out at the same time.

Anyways, at check out, she was asking me about how OTA TV worked. She was very nice and I tried to explain it carefully, but it was weird to me that she didn't seem to know you can get broadcast channels without cable or satellite?

Not shaming her or anything! She doesn't know what she doesn't know. It's just weird to imagine a life where you had never encountered bunny ear antennae??

What's left on the OTA channels, I had understood many had stopped broadcasting (am based in Europe so it might be different here)?

@Alisca they're still very common for local broadcast affiliates in the states! And once the US switched to digital broadcasts a bunch of new channels started up, mostly showing commercials and cheap content (old sitcoms, trashy talk shows, etc.)

Major sporting events also still get broadcast OTA, which is why I picked it up - we're moving and need something to pick up the superbowl this weekend.

@Alisca lol, good to know that hatred for the Pats crosses international borders

@Alisca I know :) we're moving next Friday, just trying to knock a few things off my todo list early

Phew. I thought maybe you were a time traveller.

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