At a local Hipster Coffee Shop, and they just played some Beta Band which I haven't heard since high school, so that was a pretty cool throwback.

@shoeberto Wish I had a local Hipster Coffee Shop! Sounds like a franchise waiting to be founded. Market might be a bit saturated though.

@sepho oh man you just have to be in a liberal major metro!!! They're teeming with Hipster Coffee Shops where people speak in hushed tones about how great the president is.

@shoeberto Would love to be in a liberal major metro. Or liberal anywhere.

So TIL* about a mystery coffee shop and resulting meme.

Somehow I don't think "I liked Trump before it was cool" will be a thing people say in future.

* I think this is what you're talking about: ? I'm old and not with it.

@sepho lol no worries, yeah that is exactly what I was referring to.

Dunno if you do podcasts at all, but I've been listening to one called Reply All that has a pretty great episode on it - I think it has Surefire Investigation in the title?

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