Working class folks in the NYC metro area are so lovely.

Let's not talk about the bougie folk.

Also, Appalachia is my home for life. PA started it, NY is finishing it.

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@shoeberto i think people come here expecting that NYers are mean. so that is what they project to try to fit in

@TheOctoberSurprise yeah, I can totally see that. "New money" yuppies have been the rudest. The old Italian lawyer I ran into at a bagel counter? Literally treated me like he knew me his whole life.

@TheOctoberSurprise lol, good to know! He handed us a business card that I believe we "lost", perhaps for the best???

@shoeberto Unless you develop mesothelioma or you slipped on a sidewalk. Then the business card would have been useful.

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