finished up The Outer Worlds and I got the idea while watching the epilogue reel -- that fallout-style "here's a dozen short vignettes about what happened based on your in-game decisions" wrapup -- of making a generative "game" that was nothing *but* randomly generated epilogues for a non-existent game.

You'd hit go and it'd play some music while telling you e.g.

- what ended happening in the town of Dirtberg, in the end
- how killing Colonel Grimes changed things
- where Bort went next


I like it's as just sort of a goof, but I also like it as an opportunity to explore that kind of writing free from the massive constraints of having to build questlines and plot modalities into a whole game first.

Like with Fallout or TOW or Dishonored or other games that have used this epilogue style, every vignette tends to be binary, maybe ternary (you sided with faction X! or with faction Y! or killed them all!), because every one of those has to tie into a bunch of setup.

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Freed from that need to do a ton of set up work, you could generate far more, and more subtle, variations on any given narrative proposition. A dozen different things could be imagined to have happened to Dirtberg; it only exists here as a town constructed in the mind of the reader based on the epilogue, so anything goes.

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@joshmillard I wonder if you could do something with that in reverse. Like start with an RNG epilogue, then put the player in a position of trying to thread a narrative that gets them that result. Sort of like interactive fiction where the lose condition is temporal disunion.

@shoeberto That would be a really interesting design premise for a game, yeah! But also sounds way more complicated to sort out a way to execute, so hopefully someone else will do it and I can just play it after.

@joshmillard oh yeah, it's interesting to think about... less so to implement.

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