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Life is generally a bit bullshit right now, but it was our 6th wedding anniversary today, so we found a way to make a picnic away from the zombie horde of Westchesterites. It was lovely. I honestly cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a day this much.

Life+, general world - 

I feel it's important to detail the picnic spread...
- Home made bruschetta with toasted French bread slices.
- Spring mix salad with pecans, dried cranberries, goat cheese, and a vinagrette dressing.
- Fresh strawberries.
- Extra goat cheese and a Brie wheel, served with Rosemary infused crackers.
- Some weird pastry I found that looked fancy but was not super impressive.
- Dark chocolate bars.
- A Sonoma county Chardonnay.
- Also about a half a bottle of Malbec.

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