Listening to some DMX because of course, and there's lots of early 2000s nostalgia for me in that, but after going on a binge of modern hip hop recently (albums from the last ~5 years) it's crazy to me how much production has evolved. The edgiest of edgy beats from 2000 sound so basic now. No disrespect but I find it fascinating.

To this, which was on an album that was - a hit I guess? Do we have hits in the post-streaming world? I don't know, but Tyler, the Creator is popular enough to have made a commercial for Coke, so he's gotta be:

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The production is just worlds apart. Maybe it just speaks to Tyler, the Creator as a producer? I mean the guy is a mad genius. But I think also the standard has been raised in the past two decades also. Super interesting juxtaposition.

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