Politics, world state, etc 

There is nothing new under the sun. No one comprehend an ending to any particularly horrific time they were living through as it was happening. Same as it ever was. Humans are resilient but things gotta get pretty bad to really understand the depth of our will to survive.

The best way to look at everything is that we're at war. A decentralized cold war where, instead of bullets and bombs, we have climate and disease providing the civilizational threat.

Politics, world state, etc 

The day-to-day battlefield is the information space. All of the bad actors running services are collaborators with the dark money that's trying to get us all killed in the name of them holding their grip on power. It's just not an imperial dictator these days, it's the ultra-wealthy corporate elite.

People aren't properly angry about this because it all looks so unfamiliar. But we need to call it what it is. Cold War 2.0 (sponsored by The Mercer Family Foundation)

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