shopping list 

pint of bread
God salad
salty ice
12x somebody's eggs
2x peppercorns (ground)
6x alpine air (330ml cans)
dried pine needles
funko pop
2 more pints of bread
cheesy ice
30ml michelin star chef's blood
16x 150μg tabs of marmite
toads (get the value pack)
1x frog only
499g horse chestnuts
1x 500g human (person)
3x words of affirmation
12x extra virgin horse eggs
2x medium large horse eggs
some more eggs (any type)
horse eggs (if they have any)
wet pine needles
1x pack of Horse Eggs


shopping list 

@jk so sick of people being all high-falutin with their horse egg varieties, internet foodie culture is the worst (they all taste like horse, people!!!)

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