My wife was home this weekend, so we decorated!

It me.
(I did listen to a shit load of TMBG this year. Why did I not listen to them sooner???)

I noticed pumpkin started sleeping by the radiator, right on the hardwood, so I decided to set a cat bed there to see if she'd lay on it.

Happy to announce that my cat trap has been a rousing success.

There was this crazy blue light outside when I ran the garbage out just now. Had to adjust the white balance to capture it. Sorta bugged my eyes out.

Uploading this here so I always know where to find it.

The cold swept us very quickly, so blankets have become quite popular in my house.

Caught in the act!!!! Fraternizing with cats smdh.

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TRIGGER WARNING: scary for traitors (uspol ofc)

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