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Yesterday started like this and ended like that. It was long, but we're in our apartment in NY now!

The cat of wisdom has many answers. But does the seeker know the correct question?

uspol, the cheeto benito 

We go now LIVE to the dogs to get their take on the recent winter weather:

Looking through my pictures from a little over a year ago and tried to recreate this one. Big oof.

Oh goodness me, Donald John Trump gaved me all the money!!!

The living room is getting there.

(I did all of this myself, which still blows my mind (minus the Christmas decorations lol))

It me.
(I did listen to a shit load of TMBG this year. Why did I not listen to them sooner???)

I noticed pumpkin started sleeping by the radiator, right on the hardwood, so I decided to set a cat bed there to see if she'd lay on it.

Happy to announce that my cat trap has been a rousing success.

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