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You have been visited by the Cat of Wisdom. May ur day be full of good decisions.

These lazy good for nothings are lucky it's quarantine. I'm here busting my butt and they have the nerve to sleep ALL DAY!!!!

Mom's having virtual book club in the living room, so I'm back here chillin with my dude.

Concert photos 

I'm still just so god damn hyped from that Wonder Years show on Saturday. Only one of my buddies is in to them so I haven't really been able to work it out of my system. People be like 'oh cool glad you had a good time' and internally I'm like 'no seriously you do not fucking GET. IT.'

Holy shit though. It was so good.

Year 2 in NY starting up. A man never steps in the same river twice...

Getting ready for holiday travel and dreading how hard it's going to be to not backslide on my weight loss... I've worked hard for this 😭

Brain-breaking tweets 

Reposting from chat because it's gold.

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