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Good lord 90s rock really was all smug entitled white guys wasn't it. Not a drop of melanin in any of these pictures.

it's stupid and lame to paste a screenshot of your own chat messages to social media but I gotta know

can we connect bin Laden to a vaping dog?

C'mon fediverse let's crowdsource this

This is every day...
(psst there are 5 critters hidden in this picture)

Tuesday: Pub-style shepherd's pie. HelloFresh meal. Not super appetizing looking in a bowl 😅

Monday: Tilapia fried in an old bay based breading. Vinegar and sour cream based slaw. Roasted potato wedges. (HelloFresh recipe)

Sunday dinner: Buffalo mac. Home made mac and cheese with sharp white cheddar. Pan fried chicken tenders. And Frank's hot sauce. It was real good.

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