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Your product releases when you're "customer-driven" 😂

shopping list 

@jk so sick of people being all high-falutin with their horse egg varieties, internet foodie culture is the worst (they all taste like horse, people!!!)

shopping list 

pint of bread
God salad
salty ice
12x somebody's eggs
2x peppercorns (ground)
6x alpine air (330ml cans)
dried pine needles
funko pop
2 more pints of bread
cheesy ice
30ml michelin star chef's blood
16x 150μg tabs of marmite
toads (get the value pack)
1x frog only
499g horse chestnuts
1x 500g human (person)
3x words of affirmation
12x extra virgin horse eggs
2x medium large horse eggs
some more eggs (any type)
horse eggs (if they have any)
wet pine needles
1x pack of Horse Eggs

@ryan right???
I have a visceral reaction to using anything other than psql. I can't \e into vim?? What kind of a masochist do they take me for???

Boosts appreciated: I am building a Halloween playlist for autodj that will run for the duration of the spooky month, and I want to get it filled with spooky/fun tracks. Please send youtube links to good Halloween music!!

The playlist lives here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3

@alex that owns actually (I had no idea what adventure zone was before this message)

@saxnot we're indoctrinated into the myth of the "temporarily embarassed millionaire" at a young age, and it's consistently undermined working class solidarity ever since industrialization took over

I made progress on learning Rust towards the end of vacation, which was satisfying - a lot of it is clicking, now - though at times the verbosity and specificity became tedious.

But now that I'm going back to writing Perl for work, I'm already starting to miss it.

That said, my vacation time felt longer for having avoided any work communication the whole time. It was wonderful to be able to be 100% consciously present with my daughter the whole time. I'm always going to cherish that.

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I was off work for around 1.5 weeks and consciously did not check my inbox, and today is easily the longest I've had to spend clearing it out in my career. Good lord.

@jeff my mouse pad is made of fabric and is indifferent to my bootloader, how did you make this happen

had a funny conversation with a Russian speaking person last night while talking about music

"I am a dj because like milkman"


"yes, yes, I am milkman"

👆"you are milkman?"

"maybe I am using wrong word, (checks on phone) oh its music lover"

👆"the russian word for music lover is 'milkman'!?"

"yes (starts laughing uncontrollably) milkman, but its not russian word originally, its italian"

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Me, reading the Rust book: oh, yeah, that all makes sense. Simple. Elegant, really. As a sophisticated, brilliant developer, this is great.

Me, writing Rust: what the fuck, why does this hate everything I write. Why is this so confusing. Python lets me do this. I'm throwing my computer in the trash.

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Current status wrt learning Rust:
* read the book (mostly)
* have a small toy project, previously implemented in Python, available for porting
* set up a cargo project and dev environment in Code
* flailing wildly trying to actually understand the module conventions
* bending my brain to conceptualize porting a simple-ish Python OOP framework to Rust struct/impl

@schratze oh. well it was originally coined by a racing driver, but i know it best from programming where it means to try and understand how the hardware is going to interpret what you're telling it and finding a way that works better with it to achieve some sort of harmony dzone.com/articles/mechanical-

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