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What if privacy law was as strict as copyright law nowadays? You are not allowed to copy any private information about someone until 70 years after their death, even if it was non-commercial, and you can sue the heck (that is: €€€) out of someone if they do.
And then do the reverse to copyright law: copying anything copyrighted is the standard, creators who don't want it are refuted with "Oh, but you don't have something to hide, do you?", and Big Tech and Government actively help people to copy work from creators and to spread it further.

Saw this boosted on birdsite, and found it insightful both from an engineering and self-care perspective:

I just had a weird moment of contextualization where I realized that it all started with Angelfire back in 99 and has ended up with all you fine folks here in 2019.

@rubah if all else fails, the local nursery can hook you up!

Source: I am a lazy, lazy man

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Focus less on the meat-free or health aspects of plant-based foods — which tend to make consumers feel like they're missing out — and more on their flavor, mouthfeel and provenance.

@sepho my thing with the fediverse has mostly just been finding interesting people on the federated timeline, following them, then following interesting people that they boost, etc...

But yeah, in all fairness, I don't know that I've met like serious friends. More just interesting acquaintances?

I feel like that's representatives of most of my relationships in adulthood anyways, so...

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Doing the anonymous thing 'cause I felt weird being the only one with my goofy ass face up there.

How does anyone make friends on social media anyway? Asking for a friend with a livejournal.

Will return follows from any eoffers.

Even if we didn't chat much, don't care.

Or from anyone on the instance.

Or from anyone not posting obviously racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic or otherwise hateful shit.

Experiment: eating vegetarian for a week. Biggest concern is keeping up with protein. Lots of beans and nuts in my near future.

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If I Had a Hi-Fi
Is a Nada Surf album
And a palindrome

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To break the world record for the largest group of people dressed as Smurfs, there were some strict rules involved. For example, in order to be counted, participants couldn't show any non-blue skin.

@sepho lol no worries, yeah that is exactly what I was referring to.

Dunno if you do podcasts at all, but I've been listening to one called Reply All that has a pretty great episode on it - I think it has Surefire Investigation in the title?

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bring back winamp and by extension the winamp skinning community

@sepho oh man you just have to be in a liberal major metro!!! They're teeming with Hipster Coffee Shops where people speak in hushed tones about how great the president is.

At a local Hipster Coffee Shop, and they just played some Beta Band which I haven't heard since high school, so that was a pretty cool throwback.

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RT THIS IS IT!! Riot/Web is OUT OF BETA!!! Brand new design, new login, new settings, new room list, encryption key backup & emoji-powered device verification 🍌🐧🔑🤖🙂🚂🙂 check it out now at and read all the glorious details at


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