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In honor of int'l dog day, here is Meadow and Wilbur being big travelers on our trip to Ohio this past Saturday.

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Inspired by a dream: A mechanism for fast travel IRL is invented. You start a trip, and black out until you arrive. It feels as though no time has passed to you (that is, the trip *feels* instantaneous), but the normal time of the trip elapses while you travel.

Would you use it?

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champagne for my cyber friends
cyber pain for my sham friends

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Imagining myself as an old man, introducing my grown children, which I have a dozen of, but I can't remember the name of the youngest, so I introduce him as

Feels really satisfying to say that I'm going to take a vacation this year. A real one!!!

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I was interviewed for Marketplace today about running your own social network site! You can catch me on NPR stations today or just listen/read here:

Things brain bad on: social media, alcohol, stress

Things brain good on: books, nature, good conversation

More #2 and less #1 I think.

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Oh my god - Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is still about (back? updated?), and is no longer a Flash app!

I spent a stupid amount of time exploring this back in the dark times of the early 2000s.

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If anybody is interested, it’s actually super duper easy to host your own instance through . It’s a little bit of work to get started but really easy after

Go to their site, check out their different plans. The cheapest is like $8 / month & that’s definitely more than enough for a single user instance and even a few more. Here’s a blog post kind of explaining how their plans work since it’s not exactly just “how many users can this handle”

Memento mori 

(we live in a jar & think the lid's the sky
you're hoping for a savior on the cross outside
stars are just a million little fireflies
the sun's just a hole and it's the light outside)

if we take all these things
and we bury them fast
& we pray that they turn to seeds
to roots and then grass
It'd be alright
It's alright
it would be easier that way

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