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Life is generally a bit bullshit right now, but it was our 6th wedding anniversary today, so we found a way to make a picnic away from the zombie horde of Westchesterites. It was lovely. I honestly cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a day this much.

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Waiting on pins and needles for the jitsi docker folks to release nginx reverse proxy instructions.

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"His Royal Highness will hear your petition, commoner, but make haste and speak well. The Sovereign is a busy man and does not suffer fools lightly."

Airbnb and covid 

I don't know how, but our airbnb listing has continued to have the same pace of page views as we had before the pandemic. Maybe it's aspirational? I could see it being therapeutic to envision future travel plans, just to have a sense that things will return to normal someday.

Also, I hope all of you have taken this opportunity to up your cooking game. Make tasty things, dammit.

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You have been visited by the Cat of Wisdom. May ur day be full of good decisions.

I'm basically a deputized pseudo-ranger, stopping the masses from doing dumb shit on the property. I'm not the hero they deserve.

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Tonight, after walking the dogs, I got to go out and bust some teenage boys smoking weed on the preserve. They were dumb as hell, it was super obvious, and it was hilarious.

Look, I need whatever (non-Netflix-based) entertainment I can get right now.

Ok I lied we can have one more April Fool's for this video
Thanks Ars Technica

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