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Me being weird 

What if I just casually dropped it into conversation online that the "wife" I have been referring to for years was actually a real doll.

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George R.R. Martin, at his word processor, before sending a draft to his editor:

God damn I just got reminded that Halt and Catch Fire was a thing and I am SO sad it is over.

I'm not sure why I slept on Thom Yorke's Anima back in 2019 - probably because I was in a medication-induced fog most of that year - but damn, that's some Real Good Music.

Successfully migrated to a bigger VM! Had a few hiccups but it went better than I anticipated.

Me, pretending to be an optometrist: Which is better, number 1 or number 2?

FULL DISCLOSURE: We were gifted a giant bag of leftover Halloween candy from last year that I've been stress eating through during the power outage + crunch time at work.

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Calling it now: Top linked articles starting October 1 - "Is it safe to trick or treat this year?"

Arguments in favor: Kids already wearing masks. Keep your distance while outside and it should be alright.

Key questions: Should we sanitize the candy? How can candy delivery be no-contact?

Wildcards: Stories about quirky community efforts to keep trick-or-treat with creative alternatives, a la drive-by birthday parties.

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Reading this story makes me think of an alternate reality where slice-of-life stories about living in the time of covid would be the predominant thing we hear about in our news. It's pleasant.

Talking specifically about the music, movies, tech, games and such. I'm sure politically etc. there was a lot of stuff that can get fucked.

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My nostalgia for the 90s has such a wistful element to it. I sort of wish I had been an adult back then, but then again, it wouldn't have that magical sheen to me if I had.

The Arcade Fire is what happens when a musician listens to They Might Be Giants and thinks they're being 100% serious.

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