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Acute, irreversible lung damage, to own the libs.

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BIG NEWS: Huge welcome to, who are entering Matrix!! Gitter is moving from to & building the ultimate Matrix bridge, showcasing how a large chat app can natively talk Matrix, while bringing Gitter goodness to Element! 🚀🌉🎉

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I see her doing this from the inside all the time, but it's even cuter from the outside.

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Me being weird 

What if I just casually dropped it into conversation online that the "wife" I have been referring to for years was actually a real doll.

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George R.R. Martin, at his word processor, before sending a draft to his editor:

God damn I just got reminded that Halt and Catch Fire was a thing and I am SO sad it is over.

I'm not sure why I slept on Thom Yorke's Anima back in 2019 - probably because I was in a medication-induced fog most of that year - but damn, that's some Real Good Music.

Successfully migrated to a bigger VM! Had a few hiccups but it went better than I anticipated.

Me, pretending to be an optometrist: Which is better, number 1 or number 2?

FULL DISCLOSURE: We were gifted a giant bag of leftover Halloween candy from last year that I've been stress eating through during the power outage + crunch time at work.

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Calling it now: Top linked articles starting October 1 - "Is it safe to trick or treat this year?"

Arguments in favor: Kids already wearing masks. Keep your distance while outside and it should be alright.

Key questions: Should we sanitize the candy? How can candy delivery be no-contact?

Wildcards: Stories about quirky community efforts to keep trick-or-treat with creative alternatives, a la drive-by birthday parties.

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