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The Programmers Credo: We do these things not because they are easy but because we thought they were going to be easy!

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to the tune of country roads 

kiss a ghost
in my home
that's my wife
Spectral Joan
sultry phantom
joined in marriage
in this home
we kiss ghosts

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Just wrangling a bad deploy on the homeserver - apologies for intermittent downtime. Everyone on their own homeserver should be feeling suitably smug right about now.

"All who served the revolution have plowed the sea." - Simón Bolívar

Read that quote today for the first time, and I really quite like it.

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expired: google it

tired: just Bing it

inspired: Duck the fuck outta it

wired: Why didn't you Microsoft Zune it

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dystopian cyberpunk short stories from the 90s are finally a reality and it's not as fun as I had assumed

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minor alcohol annoyance 

Proud of myself for how much I have cut back on my alcohol consumption in the past six months or so, but also very annoyed that 3 beers with a friend last night has totally messed up my body for today.

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I've updated the design and the copy of the apps page a bit to include some information about the #iOS app. What do you think?

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Reminder that if you run an account of any public interest and want to get more followers you should go into "Edit profile" and check "Suggest account to others"

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history of war 


Roaming Bands of Nicotine-Enhanced "Vape Dogs" Considered Significant Factor In US's Expedited Withdraw from Afghanistan

it's stupid and lame to paste a screenshot of your own chat messages to social media but I gotta know

can we connect bin Laden to a vaping dog?

C'mon fediverse let's crowdsource this

I don't have any real problems other than being entirely disillusioned with everything on this stupid planet.

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I'm so excited for all the new products that are coming out from DuckDuckGo!

- Desktop browser
- App tracker blocking
- E-mail privacy

Can't wait for people to try them out.

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