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experiment! lets see how far everyone working together can yeet this toot in a week.

the more votes below the further its reached in the fediverse

INSTANCE REQUEST: My wife likes twitter basically for pet content. Is there a good instance for that? Or maybe a good follow list?

The new user influx is finally pushing me to seriously think about setting up my own instance. I'm not sure I want to use

If you host a small (1-20 user) Mastodon instance, I'd love to hear about your setup!

(please boost)

Just a feeling: A lot of people lose interest in Mastodon because they were expecting a 1:1 Twitter replacement, when in reality it's more like a bunch of people from disparate special interest message boards meeting in the middle at Tumblr with a better reply interface.

God, the fedi really is the only good thing online atm, isn't it.

"Too boring to live" is precisely why my discourse is all meta. Today I changed a shitty diaper and will do some laundry. I am going to heat up some frozen jalapeno poppers for lunch. Tonight I might fold my daughter's laundry.

On the one hand, I believe in the fediverse, so what am I doing here if I'm not gonna go all-in on it and open up registration? On the other hand, who do I trust on a technical level to hand over the keys to, who would also *want* that level of responsibility?

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Thinking about trying to get listed on joinmastodon but I think the main limitation is the lack of access by a second admin. Not sure there's anyone I feel comfortable with giving that level of access to my infrastructure. The rest of the covenant seems doable otherwise.

I know Mastodon is sort of inspired by it, but I've never been much of a Twitter user. I deleted my rarely used account after they started promoting NFTs. But if anyone is confused as to why people are fleeing Twitter, it's not because they're suddenly worried about big money controlling the 'town square'. It's because they know who #Musk is. They're worried about the increase in harassment that is coming. And to those people, I want to say we get it. #WelcomeToMastodon

Good morning friends, this server is once again suffering under a heavy load of traffic and I am once again working on making it work better. Please be patient :tiredcat:


posting "punch nazis" on twitter: banned for inciting violence

posting "punch nazis" on mastodon: gaining the respect of the admin

Hello world, I'm Josh. I code stuff. I make, a thing for tracking data about yourself, but I'm against surveillance capitalism. I sometimes make pixel art, play guitar, and make bad computer music, but if past behaviour on twitter is any indication I'll probably be mostly ranting about billionaires and bad tech like NFTs.
#introduction #introductions

me, logging on today, reading the struggles of other instance admins like

@Gargron do you know if is still behaving in bad faith like they were a few years back? Seems like they might be getting attention again with all the Musk news.

Anyways here's Wilbur riding shotgun to pick up some McDonald's for dinner.

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