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uspol, civility 

Protests? Bah. Your peaceful protest is an attestation to their power over you. They don't care about your pain.

Inflict pain until they take you seriously.

Only power matters. We have the power of numbers. Use it.

Inflict pain until they take you seriously.

walk without rhythm
paste without formatting

@stulinden serendipitously, I found that you are another masto instance admin named Stu


Lots of jesus content lately. The pivot is complete. Thats right,,, I'm now the Babylon bee of the fedi-

[Intern hurriedly runs on stage and whispers in my ear]

Oh fuck. I rescind that assertion. I am undoing the pivot. Oh shit. Oh fuck. [logs in to his Windows XP machine and deletes a 14.7gb folder at C:\Users\ass_whoopr\Documents\my brand\funny\good CLEAN fun\jesus jokes\]

Im here to stan the halcyon days of early-aught-rock when a band could sell a zillion records purely by marketing to Midwestern teens who whisper-networked the true facts about how the band was covertly Christian actually.

"Notice how they never cuss? And all those songs that seem like they're about girls? He's talkin bout his love for Christ, bro."

I don't know if anyone is having a challenging day. But I hope this helps.

Fascists being punched always brings a smile to my face πŸ’•

Yo for this I'm sending love out to all my favorite acceptance-focused Christian brony fanfic authors. Nothing but the real deal here - all authors have written fics of at least 10 chapters, all of which include at *least* one appearance of Jesus Chr*st Himself (either in Human or Pony forms) [a thread] (1/12)

My fave part of the current flurry of fediverse activity is watching all my fellow early adopter instance admins geek out at the fact that so much of the general public seems to finally be *getting* it.

What cool #Linux accounts should we be following over here? Help make our feed nice and full.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Early career tech job FULL REMOTE - come work for me at Linode/Akamai 

My team, the Linode Operations Center, supporting Linode/Akamai cloud computing, is looking for _multiple_ Platform Operations Engineers (junior and above).

Full remote, desire to work EST night shift a plus. Can hire in many countries.

This is a good breakout role for someone working tech support trying to get next-level experience. You will work on every layer of the infrastructure.

about the current harassment wave, boost for awareness 

the harassment instances such as poast, nicecrew, etc are currently going through the introductions hashtag to try and find any queer people they can find to harass, as well as spamming it with their own shit.

a lot of the harassment replies /untag/ the original poster so they might not realize those are replies are there but other people looking at the post will see them.

please defederate from any such instances to keep your users safe, they're very nasty.

I just added 27 new members to our Mastodon. Biggest growth spurt since day 1! Welcome!!!

Mastodon admins:

How large is the current database storage of your instance?

(Retoots welcomed; I'm thinking about options for a small instance implementation...)

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