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I do like it sometimes when I have an idle thought based on current events that I can't quite articulate, and then see someone else make it real in a form far better than what I could have done.

What a long, exhausting week it's been. TGIF though, am I right???


2A is going to be the new slavery for maga governors and I think Abbott and DeSantis and their whole lot are deranged enough to push for secession over it.

Fediblock recommend! Important! 

I know I posted this before but I'm gonna do it again to make sure it reaches as wide as possible..

The following domain: "" went live a little while back and when checking out the instance it has 2 accounts. The admin(that follows known racists in the Fedi) and a 'FollowBot' that automatically follows as much accounts as possible.

Why would this be an issue you say?

Well! A while ago some bad actors made via the exact same way a follow bot that added people into "groups" that they thinked we belonged in like: "gay, lefist, activist, trans" etc etc!

These lists can only be used for targeting people online and we DO NOT WANT THIS in any way!

I again, I urge #Fediverse admins to domain block "" ASAP.


What is the best thing about living in Switzerland? Well, the flag is a big plus.

The further I've gotten from my origins, the more I've wanted to understand them, I guess. I used to feel like I had no identity, but there is one there. It's maybe not all that interesting, broadly speaking, but it's nice to feel a deep connection to something these days.

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Hick, to me, implies ignorance with earnest naivete. Redneck implies brash, obnoxious, and contrarian (and usually racist). White trash implies extreme poverty, abuse, and addiction. Weird, arbitrary venn diagram circles to draw, I guess.

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I have realized the cultural label I've been looking for to best describe my experience from growing up in rural America is "hick." Both "redneck" and "white trash" always felt close but had some fundamental pieces that weren't quite right. Hick is perfect, though.

[Me, not understanding, and too embarrassed to ask at this point] uhh happy birthday to all the gay folks

Thanks to @Framasoft for reaching out to me, now uses the original video on the landing page with subtitles in 20+ languages!

#fediverse #fediverseInfo #peertube

Hi everyone 🌊

We've had a busy couple of months! A lot has been going on behind the scenes, so we've written up a blog post to give you all a quick rundown πŸ˜„

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