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BILL GATES has announced yet ANOTHER new, hygienic Toilet. in a development that will lift millions out of poverty, this Toilet has a trick up its sleeve! instead of flushing, BILL GATES' new Toilet simply boils the water, at the touch of a button! demonstrating the Toilet at this week's TEDx Ascension Island event, BILL GATES told how he was inspired to create the revolutionary Toilet after discovering a device which he referred to as an "electric tea kettle" when visiting London, England

This and also (idk who needs to hear this, but) being able to do something well isn’t the only point of doing it

Learned that Penn State's Department of #Entomology has been tracking predators of the #SpottedLanternFly while listening to the "Allegheny Front" #podcast. Namely among them are birds (linked) but also others like the praying mantis. As an invasive species that arrived in PA in 2014, threatening local trees, SLF's were believed to have no domestic predators, but surprise!

*takes note to let chickens loose on my college campus /joke*

Also SLF's may store bitter tasting chemicals from trees to make them taste bad to predators! Funky.

I thought I remembered something similar with fireflies, from episode 365 Fireflies and Plants of "In Defense of Plants". So their larvae are mainly carnivorous. They contain bitter Lucibufagins toxins that are extremely bad for vertebrates. We don't really know where they get them, but Dr. Lynn Faust suspects it might be #milkweed (which we didn't really know they ate before??)!

#PA #Pennsylvania

Call to defend clinic in #SantaMonica, #California, which has been under attack from Proud Boys and fascist groups.

It was amazingly satisfying though to reclaim like 30gb on my PG machine with a single VACUUM FULL;

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Any Matrix server admins have issues with bots surreptitiously taking up residence on their servers?

Took me way too long to notice it, and was a huge pain in the ass to un-fuck things in a clean way with the admin API.

Ok - just started a new fediverse native podcast. You can follow it here:

First episode is up:

The Raspberry Pi Zero series never ceases to amaze. It's nothing short of incredible how easy it is now to just lose an entire computer somewhere on your desk.

Huh. I have now seen in person the elusive "customer who orders a latte without milk"

Cashier: "we can't make a latte without milk, it's a milk based beverage"
Customer: "but I always order this and it always costs x, not y"

I wonder if some more experienced cashier had just been selling this customer an espresso or something.

"You'll probably die of thirst before the rich stop swimming"

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