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Reasons why Mastodon is BULLSHIT and will fail 

No one boosted, or even so much as LIKED, my epic toot, "Peter Thiel, chicken fucker"

#OtD 6 May 1933 Nazis raided the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin. It was a pioneering org which supported gay and trans rights, and equality for women. It employed numerous trans workers and pioneered gender affirmation surgery. Its library was then burned

For Cinco de Mayo, I made some amazing carne asada, served with flour tortillas (don't judge), fresh shredded cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, and various other common toppings. It turned out perfectly. Then we capped off the night with margaritas.

Mexican food is too perfect. We white people don't deserve it.

Please boost: People who are at high-risk for COVID-19 complications:

1. What could conferences better do to support you?

2. What policies or resources would help you decide whether to attend an in-person conference?

I share these not to dig at Microsoft but because I was involved in both cases. There are others, by other vendors.

There are however more examples of embracing an existing standard and succeeding against competitors by driving its adoption than there are of creating a competing standard to retain monopoly control.

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ODF vs OOXML is not the only example.

In 1998, following the submission of VML and PGML (both vector graphics formats using XML) to W3C, a new standards working group was created, SVG, to take the best of both for the Web. Microsoft decided not to join largely because SVG used so much PGML & promoted VML in its products, implementing it in Internet Explorer and Office so SVG would suffocate and die.

24 years later, Microsoft has deprecated VML and fully implemented SVG.

#BlueSky #ActivityPub

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When we created ODF 20+ years ago, Microsoft first laughed at the committee at OASIS, then made OOXML to render it moot, then rigged ISO to make OOXML a standard, then implemented ODF and now participates in the ODF committee and helps fund its work through COSM.

#Bluesky is Twitter's OOXML to #ActivityPub and it's at the "rigging ISO" stage.

Peter Thiel 

And, before anyone calls "animal rights!!!!", they're not *live* chickens. They're roasting chickens, from the grocery store. Still frozen.

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Peter Thiel 

, Chicken Fucker

(^ his business card, probably)

Mastodon has a verification mechanism, though it looks different from Twitter's. We do not ask for your documents. Instead, if you have a website that you are known by, you can verify that you are the owner of that website.

Link to your Mastodon profile from the website, either through a visible link, or through a <link> tag in the head of the document, with a rel=me attribute, and link back to that page from your Mastodon profile. It should then get a green checkmark, like @Mastodon.

Admins: Is having a donation option for running a Mastodon instance pretentious?

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Ethics, Abortion 

Since I've been asked other places, my stance on abortion is as follows: Full. Bodily. Autonomy.

A self aware entity may do whatever they want with their own body, and prevent whatever they want from happening to their own body. Period.

If that looks like it covers more than abortion: Yes, it does. I'm mine, you're yours. Full. Bodily. Autonomy.

Here, I'll make a sign:

How long until we find out that JK Rowling and/or Dave Chappelle have actually experienced gender dysphoria their entire life?

People, you got to hear this! A must. He said it all. β€œeverything is about unborn, after you are born, you are on your own. Nobody give a fuck about you. ”
George Carlin - Abortion - YouTube

what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

Things that would get me banned on twitter 

Their crazies bombed our abortion doctors, why aren't our crazies bombing their judges?

Out-Of-Office (European)
I’m away camping for the summer. Please email back in September.

Out-Of-Office (American)
I have left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery, but you can reach me on my cell any time.

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