Doing the anonymous thing 'cause I felt weird being the only one with my goofy ass face up there.

How does anyone make friends on social media anyway? Asking for a friend with a livejournal.

Will return follows from any eoffers.

Even if we didn't chat much, don't care.

Or from anyone on the instance.

Or from anyone not posting obviously racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic or otherwise hateful shit.

@sepho my thing with the fediverse has mostly just been finding interesting people on the federated timeline, following them, then following interesting people that they boost, etc...

But yeah, in all fairness, I don't know that I've met like serious friends. More just interesting acquaintances?

I feel like that's representatives of most of my relationships in adulthood anyways, so...




I feel like I've made a handful of good friends on Twitter and Tumblr but that came from following each other and chatting for literal years... For the most part, with social media, it's just finding interesting acquaintances

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